Join us and be a cryptorescuer!
Let’s show the whole world that crypto community can cool the entire Earth and stop global warming!
We invest the proceeds in a green economy.
We present a collection of 2021 characters drawn by artists from all over the world, each character will be completed in 10 ranks (different version of it).
We add one character every year to the collection.

Each character is unique, as it is made by hand, and not using a randomizer, as in 90% of all collections that exist at the moment, the creators of which are trying to parody CryptoPunks.

We intend to create a new installation - Electrohydrogen generator (hereinafter EHG) that
produces electricity, separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, which will allow us to produce
hydrogen fuel in the future. In addition, the installation significantly cools the environment.
20,210 unique collectible NFTs.
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Who are CryptoRescuers?
Coming from all around around the world, from the past and from the future, some of the most prominent historical and fictional figures united with a common goal : the ultimate battle for planet Earth!

Altogether, the CryptoRescuers will save endangered species, fight global warming and deliver humanity from its disastrous destiny.

The CryptoRescuers that you can see above are pictures of famous people or fictional characters coming from books, movies, cartoons and video games. All of them are designed by a team of nearly a hundred independent artists.
What are cryptorescuers?
Each character will be completed in 10 ranks.
First, cryptorescuers are released as volunteers.
After a character with volunteer rank will be purchased, we will present him in the next rank.
The same character in different ranks will be executed in different styles by different artists.

The highest rank is founding father - Satoshi Nakamoto
CryptoRescuers sometimes need partners with particular abilities to fulfill their mission. Therefore, the Headquarters decided to train special forces within the collection.

Among the 20,210 NFT of the collection there are 1000 pieces of special NFT. They are split in 20 different special units. 50 NFT in each special unit, i.e. almost every 20th NFT belongs to a special unit. You can see their names in the table, this is how the badge of the special unit with the rank of TerraCrypt will look.

Characters of all ranks, except for the Satoshi Nakamoto rank, can be part of one of the special units. You will identify them by the NFT's rank icon. The rank icon of a special force character is surrounded by a square frame. The background color of the icon for each squad is individual, as you can see on this table.
Special Forces
The person who sent us the character will receive 50% of the cost (minus gas) in case of sale.

You can send us a finished image of the character, or the necessary data for its production:
The first buyers will have the possibility to send a character proposition that will be added to the CryptoRescuers collection with the "guest" rank. You can find all the information in the Unlockable Content section.
After the approval of the character by the CryptoRescuers editors, it will be placed in our collection with a guest rank badge:
Name and surname
Several photographs or drawings of the character, according to which the artist will make the final image.
A brief description of the life of this character and his qualities, which we will be attached to the NFT.
Any creature can be a character. This can be yourself, your close relative, a loved, a friend, a person you admire, or simply your favorite fictional character.
Or any creature you want to see among the CryptoRescuers.

We do not accept infamous!
Guest rank
The number of guests is limited. There are only 500 of them so hurry up!
If a single person owns a complete CryptoRescuer collection, which includes characters of all 10 ranks from volunteer to Satoshi Nakamoto, he will be granted the title of Master of CryptoRescuers.

Masters of CryptoRescuers will receive a Golden Order. After the production of EHG will be started, the Masters will be the first to receive a serial sample. They will then have the right to represent the interests of the CryptoRescuers company in their home region, with serious discounts and other preferences.

The number of Masters of CryptoRescuers is limited to 1000.
Complete Collection
The CryptoRescuers team is encouraging the most active participants with prizes that will be sent to your address in the material world.

The following prizes are awarded to those customers who have bought for more than

$ 1,000 - CryptoRescuer certificate

$ 2,000 - CryptoRescuer metal token

There are also awards for larger achievements, which
we will announce after we submit the first certificate.
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